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Order On Wheels

How to Place an Order!

  • Call 9008225167 to place the order
  • Make the payment via Card / UPI / Netbanking
  • Pick up the order on the way

Note: Order 2-3 hour before you reach to keep your order
fresh and ready.

Frequently asked questions

What is Mysorecafe Order On Wheels?

Mysore Cafe’s order on wheels is a novel concept in which you can preorder your breakfast, lunch, and dinner while on the go.

How many hours before I can place the order?

You can preorder your favourite dishes up to two hours before you arrive at the restaurant to ensure that they are hot and fresh.

How do I preorder my dishes?

  • Call 9008225167 to place the order
  • You can see our food menu from our menu layout
  • Once you finalised the dishes, the link of the bill will be sent  via whatsapp / message.
  • Then you can make the payment using UPI / Netbanking / Card to place the order.
  • You can pick up the order on the way

Is it only for takeaway or we can preorder & eat at the restaurant?

Mysore cafe order on wheels is primarily for takeout, where people can pick up hot and delicious dishes while driving to their destination. If you want to eat it at our restaurant, simply walk in and place your order at the counter.

Will there be any extra charges for order on wheels?

Other than package charges, There won’t be any extra charges for pre-ordering our dishes via order on wheels.